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Extended License for Large Set

Each graphic clip art collection includes a complimentary STANDARD COMMERCIAL LICENSE, which applies to only one clip art set or graphic collection (such as my frames, wreaths, bouquets, illustrations or any item sold individually in my shop) With this standard license you can use one commercial project only and sell with a limit of 500 units.

If you exceed this limit, you need this EXTENDED COMMERCIAL LICENSE for a large set. This license allows you to use one large set of graphics with an unlimited end products that can be created for sale and there is no limit on the number of sales.


- When you purchase this extended license, please write me a message letting me know which clip art or collection set that you bought this license for. So I can keep track and take note.

- No documents will be sent to you, receipt of purchase confirms right of commercial use. - Each Commercial License only valid for ONE product. If you wish to use several products, you need to purchase a license for each individual set.

-  This license needs to be purchased along with the clip art that you need this commercial use for. NO clip art included in this listing, they must be purchased separately. This is only a license.


- You must not produce end products that redistribute the original images to any third parties in a way that allows for the extraction of the original graphics.

- You may not redistribute, repackage, sub-license, re-sold, shared, transferred, or supply source files to a third party, in any shape or form, under any circumstances, not even for free

- New clip art or digital graphic resources for sale using my designs cannot be made.

- Please purchase a separate Extended License for each product that you wish to use to create, sell, and/or distribute for commercial use.

- End Products must be significantly different than the original Item and require time, effort, and skill to produce.

- End Products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original Item you purchased.

Thank you!


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