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What is digital clip art ?

Here is a brief explanation. Clip art is a collection of premade images that can be imported into a document or other program, for use on different media. With them you can create decorations, wedding stationery,  bridal showers, greeting cards, logos, invitations, scrapbooks and more. You can also use them to decorate your blog, website and use them to create posts on social media.
Actually the limit of what you can do with them is in your imagination.

The clip art is downloaded from a link and generally the images are in PNG format (which is ideal for this type of project since it has a transparent background, this allows to put one image on top of the other) and sometimes in JPG format. Once downloaded to your computer, they are ready to go  and start creating with them.

What type of program do I need to work with them?

These files can be used from different programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, etc.

THE GOOD NEWS IS ....... That you don't need to have any of these programs, neither to be a designer to be able to work with them. You can use them with programs that you can find free on the Internet such as Canva or Fotor, where you can create your projects.

However I have always thought that an image or in this case a tutorial is worth more than a thousand words! So I will leave you with two links:

- The first is a tutorial explained step by step to design a thank you card in Canva and using one of my clip art images.

- And the second link is using the same images, but designing a post for Instagram in a quick version

If you want to give it a try, you can go to my Freebies page and download it form there FREE!

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