I am an Industrial designer, a mom, a wife, an artist!

I have a busy life, just like you and I know how the daily crazy life can take us far away from our wildest dreams. My father was an artist too, a very good one, but he never realized it. He never gave art an important space in his life, he only embraced it until the very end of his days when he took art a little more seriously and worked on it. I inherited my artist side from him.

Many years ago, he gave me my first paint starter kit on a tool box with everything I would need to paint: pastel, watercolor, oil paint, brushes and a palette. I didn't used it for years; until one day I decided to follow that dream that was hidden somewhere inside of me.

Finally  I found what I really love to do. When I paint I don't feel the time passing through, I disconnect from the noise and I feel more myself. Sometimes when I look to my paintings I feel very nostalgic, because my dad never saw anything that I painted and he never will.

This is me, this is my art. In it you will find many layers of myself: the designer, the mom, the wife, the human, the friend...the artist!

Thank you for stopping by,